Why I Love The New York Times Magazine…

…let me count the ways.

Last week you heard me rhapsodize the wonders of The New York Times. Or parts of it anyway. This week, I wanted to do the same for the Magazine, that wondrous medium that arrives every Saturday, pretending it’s Sunday. Here are three things I always enjoy:

  1. The One-Page Magazine: To be honest, I was a little wary of this initially. Yet another condensed something. But pretty soon it took me under its wing and now I’m a fan. It might have something to do with Mario Batali’s “What I’m Drinking Now” square. Not that I’ve tried any of his concoctions yet. But they always sound so lovely and delicious.
  2. Domains: Domains is a fantastic addition to the Magazine. I wish it was a more regular inhabitant of the pages. I wish I had some warning of when it was coming. (I wish I lived in the domains it features!) In lots of ways, it’s the best iteration of being a fly on the walls of the various celebrities, politicians and newsworthy persons it spotlights.
  3. Lives: Lives has a certain energy to it. It’s part confessional, part soapbox, part microphone, part living room couch. Lots of times it’s an excerpt (or adaptation) from a soon-to-be-published book. Or just a cool story someone wanted out there: like learning to tap dance as an adult or working for Jeff Koons. Whatever it is, I want to read it.

P.S. Since I sometimes procrastinate reading the Magazine on the weekends (aka savor till the last minute of Sunday), it offered reading material during Hurricane Sandy (read this one night). On a more serious note, my thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with the very serious aftermath of the storm in New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Rockaways.


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