Veterans Day 2012: New York City’s Parade

Today I went to the NYC Veterans Day Parade, my third time, if I remember correctly. Here I’m offering a gallery of some photos, but it’s really so much fun to experience up close. Every branch of the military—Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard and Navy—marched in this 93rd Veterans Day Parade. Marching bands from as far as Illinois and Georgia to South Carolina and upstate New York regaled us with their musical talents in support of our veterans. The USO, IAVA and especially the Wounded Warrior Project had strong presences in the parade, as did organizations supporting Blue Star and Gold Star families, homeless veterans and disabled veterans, and the businesses and universities that employ and educate our returning troops. Veterans of World War II and the wars in Korea and Vietnam (and even their grandchildren) reminded us of the decades-long tradition of remembrance. Motorcyclists opened the parade as always, while vintage cars and tanks were interspersed throughout the route. Enjoy! And remember, every day is Veterans Day. What can you do to commemorate their bravery? (All photographs by Rebecca Forbes, 2012)


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  1. To all our veterans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

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