Armed Forces Day

Today is Armed Forces Day. Like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, it’s a time to remember the service of the brave men and women who fight for our country. But their families—the most important 1 percent in our nation—think of them every day. They walk past pictures and bedrooms, wait for telephone rings and Skype pings. Their calendars are filled with eager anticipation counting down to return dates.

They are our Blue Star Families.

The picture above is for them. I got this pin at last year’s Veterans Day parade in New York City. The man who was selling them asked me where the person I knew was serving; apparently women who purchase them commonly have a boyfriend, husband or significant other (or a family member) overseas. I do not. But I bought the pin because, to me at least, a blue star flag joined with an American flag is an apt symbol. We should always remember what our national flag symbolizes—and who fought for its colors, its stars and stripes. We should remember that a blue star flag hangs at the window or on the door or in the house of every family waiting for their hero. We should remember.

Our servicemembers and their families are our national conscience. Today and next weekend and this November, we will take a moment to think of them and thank them. But maybe we could take that moment every day. We owe them at least that.

To read President Obama’s Armed Forces Day Proclamation, visit:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage all to visit another WordPress blog, the fantastic Gina’s doing great work for our veterans and writes moving pieces about her experiences.


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