About Me

Hmm…talking about yourself is hard. Let’s see. I’m a constant reader who still loves print newspapers. I wish I poured over my cookbooks more often. I still buy CDs and get distressed when I become bored with my favorite songs. I love coffee and coffee mugs. I love walking and fall and water. I have this thing about New Yorkers pulling out umbrellas in a light drizzle (raindrops actually have to be raindrops to invite umbrellas and the attendant difficulties walking on crowded sidewalks). I think being informed is crucial, especially if you want to talk about things, and I wish people were more informed about today’s generation of veterans. Avenue Varietal will touch on bits of all of this and more, so welcome to this…bundle of thoughts. –Rebecca


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  1. I am a coffee fanatic too! I love walking in the rain during Spring and I hate umbrellas. I hare your views of being informed. Have a great weekend! 😉

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