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War Lit Book List: Take Two

The shelf has (unwieldingly) expanded since last year, in the best possible way—these additions are powerful and profound, and a few are new to my reading list. I’m excited to dig in!   From top to bottom, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (New Year reading!) x The Sandbox by Mike Liguori (New Year reading!) x My […]

War Lit Book List: A Holiday Gift Idea

This holiday season, consider gifting one of these dynamic books—they’re thought-provoking to be sure, but they’re also just great reads! From left to right, Final Salute by Jim Sheeler Two Souls Indivisible by James S. Hirsch Thank You for Your Service by David Finkel Wife and War: the Memoir by Amalie Flynn Flashes of War by Katey […]

Book Nook: Nora Ephron

I was rather late to the read-Nora-Ephron’s-books party. I basically grew up on her movies, especially You’ve Got Mail, which I’ve watched so many times I’ve lost double-digit count. And I loved When Harry Met Sally and Julie & Julia. And even Bewitched. It was only when she died, of which I am still five […]

Book Nook: Children’s Lit

There’s been a fair amount of conversation about the surprising readership of young adult fiction: adults. According to The Christian Science Monitor, reporting on a recent study released by Bowker Market Research, 55 percent of those purchasing young adult books are 18 or older. Yes, some might be buying for actually young readers, but a […]