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Vindication in 2017

I haven’t cried yet. I’ve begun to think that means something is wrong. Let’s start from the beginning. This is going to be a post about our current state of political affairs. I suppose that is a disclaimer; I know this is not a topic I typically write about here. But there it is. Our […]

Time to Heal: Q&A With Author Kayla Williams

Kayla Williams, a former Army Specialist who has written about her experiences in Iraq, has penned an engrossing new memoir about her journey once home: realizing her identity as a female veteran as well as navigating the complexities of love after she falls for Brian, a fellow soldier who suffers a devastating brain injury after […]

The Common Core Goes to the Library

Random fact No. 89 about me: by day, I work at an education non-profit in New York City. Amongst the education community, the phrase “Common Core Learning Standards” (CCLS) has been bandied about quite a bit. Some of you, particularly if you’re education-minded or have school-age children, might have heard of it too. As a […]

The Women in Their Prime: Britton, Thompson and Marie

In this weekend’s New York Times Magazine, cult-favorite Connie Britton talks about her career and experience in Hollywood as something of a dark horse—one of unexpected perfection, you could say. She’s a woman in her prime and everyone, especially those who watch “Nashville” every Wednesday night (I do!), knows it. I’m reminded of two other […]

Jon Favreau and The State of the Union

Shortly before President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, I had read New York magazine’s feature on Jon Favreau, the outgoing chief speechwriter of the administration’s first term. The gist of the piece was that Favreau had refashioned favored ideals, aphorisms and anecdotes in several of Obama’s speeches, many germinating from a 2005 […]

With Love, for the Unsung Copy Editor

Last month, King’s Journalism Review, a student-run publication of the School of Journalism at the University of King’s College (Canada), published a fascinating, thorough piece on the state of copy editors in both the United States and Canada. Now, I bet you weren’t spending nights wondering about the fate of copy editors, but I was […]

Towards the Pursuit of Knowledge

The Huffington Post ran a piece recently on a growing trend working to conflate a college education with a salary. Now, let’s ignore the cynical debates about how money always runs the show for just a second. Hunter Rawlings and Lillian Aoki, both from the Association of American Universities, note that governors from at least […]