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Profound Flashes: Q&A with Author Katey Schultz

Flashes of War, Katey Schultz’s debut short story collection, is an intriguing amalgam of narratives: veterans and military spouses. Civilians of Iraq and children in Afghanistan. Deployments and transitions. Past and present. The future of Schultz’s collection lies in its power—she is an incredible voice. And a civilian. I asked Schultz, via email, about her […]

Writing for a Community: Q&A with Author Siobhan Fallon

If you’re angling to pick up a book during this last official summer weekend, I couldn’t more highly recommend Siobhan Fallon’s You Know When the Men Are Gone. Or Fire and Forget, a collection of veteran-penned short stories to which Fallon was a unique contribution: writing from her perspective as a military spouse. In each […]