I haven’t cried yet. I’ve begun to think that means something is wrong. Let’s start from the beginning. This is going to be a post about our current state of political affairs. I suppose that is a disclaimer; I know this is not a topic I typically write about here. But there it is. Our […]

I am lucky to know some pretty cool people doing some pretty awesome stuff. So I asked them to share what they’ve been up to. Today, meet my friend Jen. One day a few years ago she went from New York City to Afghanistan, to join the USO as a Duty Manager. She spent a […]

In Matt Gallagher’s Youngblood, Lieutenant Jack Porter grapples with right and wrong, wrestling his conscience against the complicated realities of a mentally taxing tour in Iraq. When the brash Sergeant Daniel Chambers and the intoxicating Rana, daughter of an Iraqi sheik, arrive on the scene, bringing mysterious old ghosts with them, Porter finds himself tested […]

The shelf has (unwieldingly) expanded since last year, in the best possible way—these additions are powerful and profound, and a few are new to my reading list. I’m excited to dig in!   From top to bottom, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (New Year reading!) x The Sandbox by Mike Liguori (New Year reading!) x My […]

In this age of the easily mass-produced, the handmade original takes form through inspiration, ingenuity and perseverance. Making that happen often takes a healthy combination of purpose, timing and luck. Dan McCready discovered this during a road trip through the American heartland and founded This Land, an online shop that endeavors to re-capture the quintessential […]

  In her moving debut memoir Unremarried Widow, Artis Henderson reflects on the brief time she spent with her husband Miles, an Army pilot who died in Iraq in 2006, just a few months after they were married. With profound openness, Henderson writes about the before — a young couple figuring out life and love […]

Kayla Williams, a former Army Specialist who has written about her experiences in Iraq, has penned an engrossing new memoir about her journey once home: realizing her identity as a female veteran as well as navigating the complexities of love after she falls for Brian, a fellow soldier who suffers a devastating brain injury after […]